Eugene Juneteenth 2023 Entertainment


Xcape Dance Company is a place where dancers of all ages, aspirations, and walks of life can come together to enjoy freedom of movement and self expression through dance. Xcape is dedicated to helping students follow their dreams, reach their technical and performance goals, and providing cutting edge instruction in the art of dance. 

Whether you just love to dance, or are pursuing a professional career, Xcape Dance Company will provide an artistic, fun, and creative atmosphere that allows students to grow into excellent dancers, performers, and people. 

The family in here goes beyond the movement. We are united by our passion for expression and our zest for life.


Nate Jackson

Nate is an accomplished presenter with over 15 years of experience in both television and live events. He specializes in improvisation and script memorization. The organizations Nate has partnered with rave about his ability to quickly adjust to any situation and still make the event memorable.   Nate’s smile, infectious energy, and engaging story-telling, make him a perfect fit for arenas of all sizes.

In addition to speaking, Nate is an educator, and is passionate about teaching students self-empowerment, emotional competency and the importance of critical thinking. Nate’s goal is to help each student reach their fullest potential and fulfill their purpose in life.

Fun facts about Nate: He has traveled to nearly two-dozen countries and is a loving family man with a wife and two kids.  He enjoys romantic comedies, staying up late, working out, and “attempting” to eat healthy!

Amiia Nectar

Amiia Nectar is a musician who performs eccentric and ethereal RNB sounds. You can find her from 3pm to 5pm on 97.3fm Fire Walker Radio. She draws her inspiration from her life experiences and has been singing since childhood.

AMIIA has performed at nearly every venue in Eugene (The Big Dirty, Drake, Hult, The Wow, Sessions, Spectrum, etc). In 2022 she headlined The Bend Juneteenth Festival. This year she has sung for the NAACP and H.O.N.E.Y organization in Eugene Oregon.

Twitter: @amiianectar | Instagram: @amiianectar

CJ Mickens

Las Vegas, Nevada native CJ Mickens attended Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts. It was there he discovered his true passion for creating good music.

Growing up in a family grounded in the church, he began to sing and perform on a weekly basis. At an early age he’s had the opportunities to sing in various parts of the country and overseas. His solo pursuit began at age 15 after moving to the Pacific Northwest. He then got involved with the NAACP ACTSO Music Program winning Gold Medal 3 years in a row advancing to New York, Baltimore, and New Orleans. Even landing in Nashville to work in the Christian music scene for a stint. Family ties brought him back to the Pacific Northwest and the great live music scene in Portland Oregon.

In 2002, CJ Mickens had the opportunity to appear on Season 2 of American Idol, followed by ‘Showtime at the Apollo’ in 2004. Since then CJ Mickens has taken the opportunity of redirecting his gift in singing to reaching out and inspiring others. His main goal is to show the love that God has given him whether Gay/Straight/or Bi God doesn’t make mistakes.

Chrisha Favors

Hula Hoop Performer

Youtube: @ChrishaFav Facebook: @CircleMotionHoops | Instagram: @Chrishamoves

Troy Monroe

Troy Monroe (aka) rx8020 was born and raised in Los Angeles Ca. His
background in dance began at a very early age in the 80s in the area of street dance, and break dancing. He later took up jazz, tap and ballet to refine his passion for dance.

In recent years he took up rebounding fitness using his
background in dance and created Jump Dance Fitness. While he dose not actually use his platform toward performance purposes, he does showcase jump dance for health and dance conditioning as a way to enjoy fitness with a unique dance style combined with it.

He is currently hosting a weekly Jump Dance fitness class on Sundays at Xcape Dance Academy.

And Many More

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